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Make money while helping defeat Internet censorship.

Why run your own proxy?

Do you know a group of people in need of a proxy? For example, people in your country who want to access blocked websites but only speak their native language and can't use English proxies. Or simply students of your school that blocks Facebook on campus. If so, creating your own proxy and promoting it to that group can be a great way to create a zero-maintenance income stream for yourself (from placing ads on your proxy site).

Or maybe you are a pro Internet marketer who sees underserved niches in the proxy market? Then you probably don't need our explanations.

And of course, every proxy out there is another dent in the Internet censorship wall. By launching yours you are making everyone one little step closer to the free Internet future!

No expenses, no maintenance, no platform restrictions

With UnblockSites proxy script your website can be completely static and thus hosted anywhere you like, even on a free hosting. The proxy engine that does all the heavy lifting is hosted and maintained by us. No longer do you have to worry about hosters' acceptable use policies, bandwidth bills and abuse complaints. We deal with all that while you are busy collecting your AdSense checks.

Superior tech ⇒ happy loyal users

Most web-based proxies out there break complex dynamic sites which the most popular sites coincidentally are. So people are stumbling from one proxy to another trying to find one that is actually able to open Facebook (or YouTube or what have you). Only until they come to your one. Thanks to our focus on technology, UnblockSites proxy script is capable of handling even the most sophisticated websites.

Major website support in popular proxy scripts

CGIProxy Glype PHProxy Unblock Sites proxy script
Facebook Broken Mobile only Broken Fully functional
YouTube Broken Broken Broken Fully functional
Twitter Partly functional Mobile only Partly functional Fully functional
Pinterest Broken Broken Broken Fully functional

In defense of the competing script authors we must say that making any of the above sites work in a proxy is no trivial matter. It took us a lot of sweating.

Not only is this proxy script most robust out there, but it’s the fastest too. We operate a globally distributed network that lets us deliver top speed to every user regardless of their location. And thanks to our cloud technology we are able to continuously maintain enough capacity for stellar user experience.

Users will fall in love with your proxy instantly and come back again and again.

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